Time Office Help Manual


Time Office Management Software

Supports various time events mechanisms like in/out, break times, inter site travels and off site work. Time Office consists of manpower planning, leave management, shift management, overtime management, reporting tool and employee self-help application. It is configurable to suit even most unique time office requirements and work-flows. It is seamless multi-location system.

Key features

  • Scalable
  • Seamless multi-location system
  • Role based user management
  • No limits on shifts.
  • Understands all types of shift patterns e.g. weekly, tri-weekly, second or fourth Saturday etc
  • Auto shift detection for flexi-time work environment.
  • Multiple overtime rules for multiple departments.
  • Leave Management.
  • Employee log in by password or without password.
  • Reports by Employee Id or Codes.
  • Configurable system to suit your business needs.
  • Integration possible with Single Sign On, SAP.
  • Customization as per user requirements.

Manages work-flows

  • HoD sanctioning OT, permitting leave
  • Employee applying for OT, Leave; seeing relevant reports through Employee Self Help
  • HR managing master data and leave data
  • Manpower planning

Powerful reporting tool

  • Filter employees by departments or individual employees.
  • Weekly, monthly, daily reports
  • Reports: Daily Attendance, Employee Summary, Department Summary, Current Status of employee, In/Out Statistics, Latemark, Latemark Summary, Early Out, Manual Entry, Single Entry, Muster roll, Paid and unpaid, Overtime, Pay Report, Transaction Log, Salary slip data, Leave balance & register etc.
  • Reports can be exported to MS Excel.
  • Auto email of reports.

Attendance System

Use Fingerprint and or card based attendance system to reduce time spent in non-core activities by employee while increasing the productivity. Avoid buddy punching and encourage punctuality using this true-data system.

Time Office Help Manual

This is User’s Manual for the Fingerprint based Attendance and Time Office Management Software provided by Snehapadma Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd.  This explains relationship between sub-systems and the role. This manual lists main functions of various roles as well as in the context of various sub-systems making it clear who does what and where. It lists deployment scenario, various third party components used, and step by step operations.

This manual explains time office management software in detail. It explains how to enter master data, employee data, procedure for man power planning and time event processing and report generation.

In this manual, following are the topics covered.

System Overview

It explains work flow of system with recommended task periodicity and relationship between roles and sub systems.


You can log into company account using any of the following roles available in the Time Office software:
  • Employee
  • Head of the Department
  • Human Resource Manager
  • System Administrator
  • Manager


You can assign various activities to different roles as per Authority Area. Activities are based on the roles as per functioning area to this application.

Database Related Activities

To generate reports we need to have proper database into our software system and need to maintain that database too. Once your application is ready it has to go through procedures of Installing Database. User can take a back up of that database so as to prevent an application from uncertainty like data loss. The existing database can also be restored with new database provided. (Click here to follow procedure)

Procedure to operate TOMS

This topic covers the actual functionality of Time Office Management Software. It gives the keen information about how to operate this application, right from opening the log in window to generating reports. Details activities by each role are also given here.