In this application, you can assign different activities to different roles as per the Authority Area. Each role can be assigned to have multiple
activities, and an activity can be assigned to multiple employees. An activity defines that which action is performed by an employee as per his / her defined role.

Following are various activities available in the software.

Registration of Fingerprint

It is mandatory for each employee to mark in/out time every day through his / her finger print. For that employee needs to register his / her finger print into Attendance System. Fingerprint reader scans the given fingerprint and shows whether it is registered or not. System creates Employee ID after successful registration of fingerprint.

Verification to Mark Attendance

Employee Id needs to be enter into system for verification purpose. If it matches to registered fingerprint, it authenticate respective employee to mark attendance.

Department Master

Using this form you c an add new department to the system. As well as you can edit, delete department. Only HR Manager have the accessibility to operate on Department Master.

Holiday Master

Holiday Master allows you to create Holiday list for the year.
It allows HR Manager to add, edit and delete holidays.

Leave Master

Leave Master form allows HR Manager to set leaves types. It includes criterion such as time period, pay period, work period. It also has options like add, edit and delete.

Shift Master

HR Manager can set shift criterion through Shift Master form. You can define shift time and period as well as Pay period through this form.
It allows user to set shift parameters such as time breaks of Late marks, Half day, Low time, early Out. You can add, edit and delete shifts here.

Shift List Master

This form allows HR Manager to list down shifts. He / she can add new shift lists according to number of days. Using this form you can add and delete shift list and update related information. This form is for the number of shift patterns present in the organization. Such as 7 day pattern, 14 day pattern (Two shifts), 21 day pattern (Three shifts).

Autoshift Master

Through this form you can add and delete Autoshifts and update its details as per requirement.
Shifts are first set through Shift Master, which are here again used to set autoshifts. As in shift master you can attach Shift Patterns to the Employee to reduce the work load and automate shift scheduling.

Employee Master

HR Manager can add, delete the employee here. Also can set information like Employee Name, ID , Code. He/she can edit information of employee too such as his/her Shift, Shift Sequence, Time, Joining and Leaving Dates, Department etc.

Employee List Master

You can add, edit and delete employee lists with this form. Using this form employees can be categorised grade wise, gender wise, location wise, education wise etc.

Location Master

Location details can be added, updated or deleted using this form. This is used to locate particular employee and his/her particular attendance terminal.


HR Manager can set configurations for fingerprint registration as well as for verification here such as Employee ID length, number of fingerprint registered, number of tries to register fingerprint etc.

Business Rules

This activity allows HR Manager to set and edit company specific Business Rules regarding Employee ID and code, Shift parameters, Time parameters like to set break, In/Out time, half day, overtime.

Overtime Configuration

This window is for the management of overtime wherein you can put the figures for overtime calculations in seconds.HR Manager can set and edit overtime parameters using this form.

User Management

This is can be done by only System Administrator. System Administrator can assign different roles to users, giving them user ID and setting a password to log into this application. He / she has authority to reset or change the password. System administrator can also add and delete users.

Leave Allotments

HR Manager can define leaves' types and accordingly can assign it to employees. Leave Types can be added, deleted or updated in this form.
This form is used to manage Leave Management work flow. Here employees can access the system to punch in the leave application.

Manpower Planning

Through this form HR Manager and HoD can filter employees on the lines of Departments, Employee Lists or individual employee to load a manpower date wise plan for proper visualization and management of data. He/she can edit that plan as well as can export it to Microsoft Excel Workbook.

Processing Status

This form allows HR Manager and HoD to load status of employees by filtering either Departments, Employee Lists or on individual basis. It shows processed data status. This loaded status can be exported to Microsoft Excel Workbook.

Manual Time Event Entry

This form enables HR Manager or HoD to enter employees' attendance manually into the system using parameters such as Shifts, Time Events etc.

Report Generation

This provides various reports required by the HR Managers and Top Management of the companies. Employee data can be filtered as in Manpower planning form, to generate attendance report by selecting the date range for which the report is sought. It can be a day , week , month or any period.

Installing Subsystem(s)

One of the role of System Administrator is installing subsystems such as,
  • Fingerprint Verification Application (FVA)
  • Fingerprint Registration Application (FRA)
  • Time Office Management System (TMS)
  • Database Management System (DBMS)

Installing Database

Database needs to install first so that to generate report as per requirement. This procedure is usually done by System Administrator.

Database Back-up

User can take a back up of database to prevent an application from uncertainty like data loss. System administrator can take a back up of database and can again use the same data if needed.

Database Restore

The database restored in backup can be reused on requirement here. We can restore existing database with new database provided.

Fingerprint Reader Maintenance

Proper usage of the reader during fingerprint registration and authentication, as well as a well-maintained reader, is crucial to achieving optimal fingerprint recognition performance. System Administrator looks after the fingerprint reader maintenance by maintaining proper Fingerprint Reader Usage and by cleaning the Reader regularly.