Database Backup

User can take a back up of database to prevent an application from uncertainty like data loss. system administrator can take a back up of database and can again use the same data if needed.

Follow the procedure given below to take Backup;

Step 1

Go to Start >> Program >> MySQL >> My SQL Administrator

Step 2

a. Enter following in respective fields of MySQL query browser.

    Host: localhost,
    Username: root
    Password: xxxxxxx
    (Please check with the Administrator)
    Default Scheme: sptodb

b. Click on "OK" button.

(Refer accompanied diagram -->)

Step 3 (<-- Refer diagram)

After entering into MySQL Administrator;

a. Click on Back UP on left panel.

b. Click on New Project from Right Panel bottom.

c. Click on Schemata sptodb.

                                d. Click on button ">".

                                (Refer diagram -- >)

e. Make Sure all are selected .

(<-- Refer diagram)

f. Click on “Execute Backup Now”

g. Save to correct directory (E.g. Snehapadma\ Back-up\) & appropriate file name without deleting time information.

i. Click on 'Save' button.

j. Back-up should be done without errors.

k. Click OK

l. Close the Windows. (Menu- File Close)


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