Restore Database

The database restored in backup can be reused on requirement here. We can restore existing database with new database provided.

Follow the procedure given below to restore database;

Step 1

Go to Start >> Program >> MySQL >> My SQL Administrator

Step 2

a. Enter following in respective fields of MySQL query browser.

    Host: localhost,
    Username: root
    Password: xxxxxxx
    (Please check with the Administrator)

b. Click on "OK" button.

(Refer accompanied diagram # 1)

Step 3

After entering into MySQL Administrator;

a. Click on Restore on left panel.
(Refer accompanied diagram # 2)

The window shall appear as shown in the diagram below.

b. Click on button ''Open Backup File' from Right Panel bottom.

c. Browse the necessary database backup file from local folder.

d. Click on button "Open".

e. As shown in diagram # 3, the default Target Schema is Original Schema or set it as Another Schema if required.

f. Click on 'Start Restore' button.

g. Database Restore process should be done without errors.

h. Click on 'Close' button, after you get the message of finishing process successfully.

i. Close the Windows. (Menu- File Close)

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