Log In and Menu Bar

Registration of Fingerprint:
Employee first needs to register the fingerprint into the system through fingerprint reader to mark attendance.

Verification to Mark Attendance:
Every employee needs to verify his/her fingerprint to mark attendance, then only he/she will be able to log in to the Time Office Management System.

Time Office Management System: Log In

 You can log into the system through this log in window.

             1. Select your role, by clicking on the role from 'Select Role' list.

             2. Type your User Id and Password.

             3. Click on 'OK' button to enter into the system.

Time Office Management System: Menu Bar

TOMS consists of following fields in Menu bar;
This field allows you to add, update and delete database regarding employees, departments, shifts, leaves, holidays etc.
This field allows you to control the behaviour of the system. Such as to configure business rule etc.
This field allows you for doing transactions such as importing the data, manual attendance etc.
This field allows you to generate attendance reports.