Overtime Configuration

Setting of overtime consists of following steps

1. Setting of Overtime Configuration.

2. Setting Overtime Policy for each employee in Employee Master form.
   - No Overtime if no overtime is applicable
   - Overtime if overtime is applicable
   - Compensatory Off if overtime should be converted into the compensatory off

3. Using Manpower Planning form to assign these Overtime Configurations to the employees, just the way you assign the shifts.

4. Processing or Reprocessing (if necessary) the time events

5. View the Overtime Report.

The details of Overtime Configuration are as follows

Overtime Id
Overtime Name
Minimum Overtime: Employee has to do at minimum this much overtime in order to be eligible for it.
Overtime Least Count: The Overtime shall be in multiple of this plus the minimum overtime.
Approximation Technique: 
  - Nearest
  - Ceiling
  - Floor

You can also have similar policies for Negative Overtime
Minimum Overtime 1hr
Overtime Least Count 2hr
Approximation Technique
  - Nearest
  - Ceiling
  - Floor

Time for Compensatory Off
Time time for Half Day

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