Processing Status and Action

Process Time Events

We need to process the data up previous day to see the reports. The processing is of utmost important as the final report depends on it. The data filtering procedure is similar as in Manpower Planning.

Through this form HR Manager and HoD can load and enable processing status of an employee.

First use the information filter (the filter by which you can select the related required data), for which you want to see the manpower planning data.

Data Filtering

For proper visualization and management of data, the filtering is important aspect. Here we provide interface so that employee can be filtered on the lines of departments, individuals and the employee lists. Of these employee list can be very powerful tool to categories employees especially for companies with large number of employees. The list can be location wise or designation wise, or for that matter, anything. There typical use is to aggregate employees for shift scheduling by creating list of Employees of same shift.

Employee Filter

Employee Filter provides three types of filters:
- Department wise
- Employee List wise
- Employee wise

Of these, you can select multiple departments or employees. You can select only one Employee List at a time. One more thing to note is that the selection happens through the check box and not through clicking on employee. As you can see in accompanied image, 1001, 1003 and 1004 employees are selected where as 1002 which is highlighted but is not selected.

Date Filter

For what information you want to see or take action upon, you should also provide which dates that fall in between. This gives you freedom to select monthly, weekly or even daily information.

Action Filter

First let us see what Action is. Actions for Time Event Processing are: Process Status, Manual Entry and Reset Processing.

Both the forms, Manpower planning and Time Evaluation, use action filter which determines action should be taken for whom and for which period. For that you need to enable the actions on that form. The action filter is activated using right-click of mouse button.

Employees of Interest

The employees of interest are those for whom you want to perform certain action. They can be All Employees that are selected from Employee filter. Otherwise you can select a single employee or multiple employees on which you want to perform certain action. By default All Employees is selected. Otherwise, last selected option remains selected.

Date Range

Loaded date range is the range that has been used at the information filter level. Viewable date range consists of all the dates that are shown on the interface. You can also select particular date for operation. This is useful when you have to assign the leaves to people.

Manual Entry

Enter here Time Events manually.

Let us see how it actually works

Log in by selecting role HoD or HRM >> Click on Control >> Processing Status and Action (Alt + C + P) to open the form.

Load Status

  • Select the employee by clicking one of the radio button of filter as Department, Employee List or Employee.
  • Click on the check boxes of Departments, Employee Lists or Employees, for which you want to load plan.
  • Select the date from calendar or type it in the info filter to load a status for specific period of a time.
  • Click on Load Status (Alt + L).

Enable Status

  • First of all load the status as above.
  • Click on Enable to process status (Alt + E).
  • Select Departments, Employee Lists or Employees from the list below the Plan Details
  • To select multiple employees/departments/lists, press Ctrl + click on required Ids.
  • Once you select the single Employee/Employee List or Department, you will be able to see on top of right side of the window, the legends and the current status of the selected item, as shown in accompanied image.
  • Right click on selected list to activate Action Filter.
  • Click on option to define range.
  • Click on the activity you want to do.
  • Every time you make changes, you need to click on Enable Status first.

Both processes, i.e. Loading Status and Enabling Status can be aborted by clicking on Cancel (Alt + C) button.

You can export master data to Excel sheet using the Export (Alt + X) button.

Using the option Change Cell Width, you can set the width of cells in the table of Plan Details.

Reset Processing

Process for reset processing is same as above. Instead of clicking on [Process] in context menu, you need to click on [Reset Processing]

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