User Management

This form helps System Administrator (SA) to assign different roles and authorities to users, giving them user ID and setting a password to log into this application. He / she has an authority to reset or change the password. System administrator can also add and delete users.

Log in by selecting role System Administrator i.e. SA >> Click on Control >> User Management (Alt + C + U) to open User Information form.

A. Add User

  1. Click on New button (Alt + N) to add new user.
  2. Enter User ID (User ID should be from existing database).
  3. Select user role by clicking on required Role from the list.
  4. Click in the check box of 'Restrict to following Departments', from Roles & authority area window to assign the authority for any department(s).
  5. Click in the check boxes of respective Department Ids. 
  6. Click in the check box of 'Restrict to following Locations', to select user's attendance terminal(s).
  7. Click in the check boxes of respective Location Ids.
  8. Click on Add (Alt + A) button to save that entry.

B. Delete User

  1. Select User from the list.
  2. Click on Delete button (Alt + D) to delete selected user. (Refer following diagram)

C. Setting up the Password

  1. Select the user by clicking on User Name of the list for which you want to set password.
  2. Type password in the Password text box field.
  3. Again type the same password in Retype Password text box field.
  4. Click on the button 'Generate Password'.
  5. To reset a password, click on button 'Reset Password'.
  6. You can randomly also generate a password, first by selecting user and clicking on Generate Password.

Adding new entry can be aborted by clicking on Cancel (Alt + C) button.

Click on Refresh (Alt + R) button to reload the entries from database onto form.

You can export master data to Excel sheet using the Export (Alt + X) button.

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