We need to have basic database into the system initially before running it usefully, such as details about employees, departments, shifts, locations, leaves holidays etc. This database is to be filled by HR Manager using Master forms. Here you can add, update and delete the master database. Click on Masters from the menu bar to see the masters available for configuration.

The masters available in Time Office Management Software are:
Most of the masters have control panel as following:

Click on New button (Alt + N) to add new entry to master and click on Add (Alt + A) button to save that entry.

Click on Edit (Alt + E) button to edit existing entry of master and click on Save (Alt + S) button to save changed information. In such a case, you would not be able to edit the id on that entry, which normally is primary key.

Both processes, i.e. adding new entry and editing existing entry can be aborted by clicking on Cancel (Alt + C) button.

Click on Delete (Alt + D) button if you want to delete selected entry.

Click on Refresh (Alt + R) button to reload the entries from database onto form.

You can export master data to Excel sheet using the Export (Alt + X) button.