Department Master

Through this form you can add and delete department and update department information as applicable in your organization.

Here Department Id is unique key to identify the department. Its existence is due to software performance reasons. Storage of departmental information in other master (such as Employee) the data storage is lighter and data retrieval is faster if key is numeric based. This is primary key of the master. Department Name field exists for administrative purposes. For formatting reasons of reports, it is recommended that department name should be as small as possible.

Click on Master >> Department (Alt + M + D) to open Department Master form.

Add Department:

  • Click on New button (Alt + N) to add new entry to master.
  • Enter Department ID and Department Name and click on Add (Alt + A) button to save that entry.

Edit Department:

  • Select Department from the list.
  • Click on Edit button (Alt + E) to edit selected entry.
  • Click on Save button (Alt + S) to save edited information. You can here edit only Department name.

Delete Department:

  • Select Department from the list.
  • Click on Delete button (Alt + D) to delete selected entry from masters.

Both processes, i.e. adding new entry and editing existing entry can be aborted by clicking on Cancel (Alt + C) button.

Click on Refresh (Alt + R) button to reload the entries from database onto form.

You can export master data to Excel sheet using the Export (Alt + X) button.