Location Master

This form is to locate the particular employees to particular attendance terminal. Through this form you can add and delete Location and update its details as per requirement.

Here Location Id is the primary key and it can start from 10 onwards.

Location Name field denotes where the attendance terminal i located. e.g. It can be say FL means first floor, SL – second Floor, KL for Kamala House etc.

The Methodology:

Click on New and give location ID and name and tick on the employees you wish to add into that list. The flexibility here is you can add one employee to multiple locations if he is mobile and so you can keep a track of him / her.

Click on Master >> Location (Alt + M + L) to open Location Master form.

Add Location:

  • Click on New button (Alt + N) to add new entry to master.
  • Enter Location ID and Location Name.
  • Tick in the check boxes of Employee Id to select employees from the list for that location.
  • Click on Add (Alt + A) button to save that entry.

Edit Location:

  • Select Location from the list below the control panel.
  • Click on Edit button (Alt + E) to edit selected entry.
  • You can here edit Location Name, selection of employees
  • Click on Save button (Alt + S) to save edited information.

Delete Location:

  • Select Location Name from the list.
  • Click on Delete button (Alt + D) to delete selected entry from masters.

Both processes, i.e. adding new entry and editing existing entry can be aborted by clicking on Cancel (Alt + C) button.

Click on Refresh (Alt + R) button to reload the entries from database onto form.

You can export master data to Excel sheet using the Export (Alt + X) button.

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