Manual Time Event Entry

This form enables you to enter employees attendance manually into the system. This form is generally used by HoD or HR Manager of the organization as per requirement to mark employee attendance manually.

Data Filtering

For proper visualization and management of data, the filtering is important aspect. Here we provide interface so that employee can be filtered on the lines of departments, individuals and the employee lists. Of these employee list can be very powerful tool to categories employees especially for companies with large number of employees. The list can be location wise or designation wise, or for that matter, anything. There typical use is to aggregate employees for shift scheduling by creating list of Employees of same shift.

Employee Filter

Employee Filter provides three types of filters:
- Department wise
- Employee List wise
- Employee wise

Of these, you can select multiple departments or employees. You can select only one Employee List at a time. One more thing to note is that the selection happens through the check box and not through clicking on employee. As you can see in accompanied image, 1004 and 1005 employees are selected where as 1003 which is highlighted but is not selected.

Date Filter

For what information you want to see or take action upon, you should also provide which dates that fall in between. This gives you freedom to select monthly, weekly or even daily information.

As shown in accompanied image clicking on "Show" button displays detailed information of selected employees in Edit Record window.

Employees of Interest

The employees of interest are those for whom you want to perform certain action. They can be All Employees that are selected from Employee filter. Otherwise you can select a single employee or multiple employees on which you want to perform certain action. By default 'All Employees' is selected. Otherwise, last selected option remains selected.

Edit Filtered Data This window displays filtered employees' information for whom you want to perform certain action. This shows the list of employee(s), for which you want to enter time events manually. Please refer following image to see all the fields associated with filtered employee(s) which is actually displayed in table format in our application.

Time Events Evaluation Details

For proper evaluation of time events, here we provide time event details in segregated form. This part helps you to configure the manual entry for employees of your interest.

Personal Information 

Here you can see the personal details of employee selected. It shows Employee ID, Code, Name, Evaluation Date & Evaluation Status. This can be visible only when single employee is selected not by clicking in the check box but by highlighting it from Edit Record list.


This part of form helps you to configure leaves and shifts for employee(s) of your interest.

Relevant Time Events

Here you can set relevant time events for selected employee(s). You can add or delete manual time event, regularize in/out timings as per time set in assigned shift, delete manual time event, as well as you can reevaluate that time event. The window associated here (-->) show all buttons.


Here you can analyze time events. You can see whether it is manual time event entry, late mark, early out and single event attendance.  It also shows number of days of presence, paid, leave, holiday, off, working and absentee. It allows you to analyze physical movements' information of employee if he has shifted his/her location. As shown in bellowed accompanied diagram, it allows you to write and save remarks for that particular entry.

Let us see the procedure to operate it.

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