RBAC stands for Role Based Access Control. In Time Office, you can create as many users as you want and assign them a role. Each of the users is assigned a password using which they can log into the system. One employee can have multiple roles, and a role can be assigned to multiple employees. Role defines how that user interacts with the software, and which are the activities allowed for the user.


Following are the roles available in the software.
  • Employee
  • Head of the Department (HoD)
  • Human Resource Manager (HRM)
  • System Administrator (SA)
  • Manager

Authority Area

These roles can be configured to have specific authority area. e.g. an HoD can have authority area over his / her department only. Employee has authority to view only his / her reports, HRM can have authority over all the departments.


A table below shows availability of tasks for each of the roles.

Roles ->

 EmployeeHead of the Department Human Resource Manager System AdministratorManager
 Registration of Fingerprint Y    
 Verification to mark attendance Y    
 Changing Fingerprint Y    
 Department masters   Y  
 Holiday masters
 Leave masters   Y  
 Shift masters   Y  
 Shift list master   Y  
 Autoshift masters   Y  
 Employee masters
 Employee list masters   Y  
 Location masters   Y  
 Configuration   Y  
 Business rules   Y  
 Overtime configuration   Y  
 User Management    Y
 Leave allotments   Y 
 Manpower Planning  Y Y  
 Processing Status  Y Y  
 Import terminal data   Y
 Manual Time Event Entry  Y Y  
 Report Generation Y Y Y  Y
 Installing subsystem(s)    Y
 Installing database    Y 
 Database Back-up    Y 
 Database Restore    Y 
 Fingerprint Reader Maintenance    Y