System Overview

Following diagram shows
work flow of system with recommended task periodicity and relationship between roles and sub systems.

Let us see the step by step and role wise work-flow of Time Office Management Software;

  • System Administrator (SA) first installs the application into system.
  • SA assigns roles to employees as per criterion as Human Resource Manager (HRM), Head of Department (HoD), Employee and Manager.
  • HRM configures all Masters as Department, Holiday, Leave, Shift, Shift List, Autoshift, Employee, Employee List, Location and fingerprint reader configuration.
  • HRM ads employee database.He/She ads new employee and also ad his/her all deatils to system through Employee Masters form, as Name, Code, ID, Department, Card ID, Joining Date, Leave Date, Shift Sequence, Shift Sequence Start Date, OT Configuration, Daily Wage Rate.
  • Employee register his/her fingerprints to the system through Fingerprint Reader. If needs changes it and register again.
  • Employee marks daily attendance by fingerprint sensor.
  • SA restores all this database and also keeps it's backup.
  • HRM and HoD load plans for Manpower Planning such as Scheduling shifts and shift sequences, allocating or setting up leaves, setting up overtime.
  • System processes these time events to generate reports.
  • HRM and HoD can mark time event entry manually on requirement too.
  • Employee, HRM, HoD and Manager can generate reports.